Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas! We have been busy since the holidays started and a number of areas of the base have seen massive improvements with large projects being started and completed quickly with the bigger team led by TheMischiefGod.

Space Elevator

The space elevator has been started and has reached the AGG height where a platform is now being built and the tower extended in to space. This is a big step for us to get easier access in to space and not have to require atmospheric engines on the hauling and mining ships.

Build Area Access Tunnel

A large area was cleared out underneath the runway to make space for a new tunnel that provides access in to the build areas for XS and S core ships. It has chasing lights down the centre that are color coded for the direction and looks great.

Build Area

The build area is made for XS and S core ships and provides a space for the builders to work in peace. There is also direct access to the showroom from this area which will allow the created ships to be put on display straight from the hangar.

Player Apartments

One thing we were missing was a general area for players to have a personal space and containers within the main base area. Mischief started work on the apartments which are XS core sized and allow us to give players build rights on their block to make it their own. Containers are all stored in the basement with hubs accessible within the apartments to keep them clean.


We are still recruiting and have taken on a number of new players over the past few weeks. The organisation is growing nicely and we have also promoted a number of players to heads of departments as we continue to grow and provide structure.

If you are a new player then feel free to get in touch, we have a number of claws available for members to use which is a great starter ship and we can get you up to speed in the area of the game you chose to specialise. For older players, we are expanding and need skills in various areas, there are leadership roles available still and a great bunch of people to play with from across the world.

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