We have been working on several areas of the base over the last week with new cores being deployed and progress being made on the industrial section along with the showroom and hangar.


The industry area has had several new improvements with new factories being placed down and reorganised ready for some styling on the building. This also includes the ore drop off points for members to deliver ore for payment, which is key now we are starting to grow.

With the latest changes coming in to the industry aspect of the game, we are taking this time to focus on specific elements and getting them up on the markets. There is a lot of noise about the industry changes being a negative thing, but considering we as a small org were planning to build everything, it shows something was broken.

Moving in to Haven

We have took up a core over in Haven which is a community city being built in Alioth with a mix of organisations from all over the universe using the area for trade and general things such as showrooms.

We have made a start on our block which is located in D8 if you check the map for Haven. Work is still on-going there for us and a lot of other organisations but we are looking forward to being involved in the project.

Recruitment Drive

The latest changes to DU mean working in a group and collaborating with other organisations is even more important to accessing all areas of the universe  and making progress within the game. So we have been putting extra attention in to recruitment lately and bringing on several new members.

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