Welcome to our new website

We have been working behind the scenes on this site and features along with the initial base build and we are now ready to release as we have a ship to sell! We have big plans for the organisation and so having effective communication platforms out of game are key to our goals.


If you are interested in finding out more about us, including how to join then head over to the join us page where you find a link to our Discord server.

Ships and Structures

We have recently launched our first ship The Claw which has received good feedback from early sales. We intend on expanding the shop to include more ships and structures that will be available to order from the site directly for ease.

One feature we are implementing soon is a service that will allow us to upgrade the early designs and notify those who have bought it to bring it back in for an upgrade. This will mean ships get a longer life and in most cases a free upgrade to reflect the latest skills of the builders or newest features in game.

We plan to release a limited range of specialised ships that will be supported long term, there may be a few prototypes and one-offs mixed within there as well.

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