We have released our first ship for sale, “The Claw”. This is a XS core Hauler designed for getting a reasonable amount of cargo around the planet as quickly as possible.

It comes with a full interior and several scripts to make flying and day-to-day operation simple. It comes with the Orbital HUD script for better control of the ship, Damage Report script which outputs to a screen and shows any damaged elements, a modified fuel management script that indicates fuel levels easily, and a few custom bits to operate the doors, lights and ramps automatically.

It can carry over 22,000l of cargo in 2 small containers that are linked with a hub. It is capable of travelling at over 900km/h when fully loaded, which is over 200T in mass.

This is a perfect ship for new players to get started with, giving you enough cargo capacity and speed to handle pretty much anything you need to do early on in game. It is even a good option for an atmospheric courier given the high speeds when laden.

You can view the ship on the Helix Industry VR in game.

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