We are opening our doors to new pilots and looking for variety of skills to join an active core of players. We have all come from organisations that have either gone quiet or not lived up to the expectations they set. So we decided to form our own with active leadership that is in it for the long run.

One of the key things we try to ensure is freedom to do as you please within the organisation. We are not looking for a bunch of independant players specifically, and there will be organisation goals to aim for to improve everyones quality of life, but we certainly won’t treat you as a slave either.

As we are focusing on industry and building, we are looking for skilled ship/structure designers along with industrialists and PVP pilots for the future expansions. Mining is the heart of the economy in the game and so miners are always welcome.

We are mainly in the EU timezone but also have leadership in the US ready to start recruitment there as well. So if you are looking for an organisation to grow with in game then check out our recruitment page and come have a chat on Discord.

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