Get your goods across the planet in a snip with our first ship “The Claw”. Built as an atmospheric courier ship, it is capable of carrying 2 full S containers with over 200t in mass. The ship is fully styled and looks great from top to bottom.

Fully loaded, “The Claw” will hit over 900km/s, making those long distance shopping trips a breeze and gives you no excuse to not travel for the best prices. Includes easy access to all elements and it handles like a crab in sand!

We have got the most out of an XS core and given a roomy interior for a single passenger. All elements are easily accessible and to assist with long flights there is a secondary fuel tank for the hover engines, meaning you can go faster for longer.

Fully scripted to handle doors opening, ramp operation and lights, it also includes full damage report screen and a customised fuel management screen all within easy view of the pilot. Customisation options available for additional fees.

Search “Helix Industry” on VR to check out the ship currently in the parking bay (showroom in progress).


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Ship Specification

Core Size: XS
Dry Weight: 51.1 t
Cargo Space: 22.4 kL
Location: Alioth


Cargo Lift: 200 t
Max Speed: 900 km/h
Sustenation Speed: 110 km/h

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